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Cheltenham Festival 2018

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We must all have had some kind of regret when the 2017 Cheltenham Festival came to an end this past March! Two more races would have brought in an extra day of enthralling energy with a chance at filling our pockets with some real cash…but then, there is always next time. Especially if you were not quite lucky and that is where this guide comes in. You will need to be prepared as much as you can so that you can turn tables on your bad luck come next year at the Cheltenham Festival. If you made some tangible bankroll this year then this guide will brace you up for an even better stash come March 2018, you can never get tired or bored with winning right?

Without a doubt, the Cheltenham Festival is the most anticipated horse racing event in the United Kingdom. Bookies, Punters and horse racing enthusiasts alike, all rise to the occasion for this ‘World Cup’ of horse racing. If you want to win, you have to make adequate preparations and thanks to this guide, by the time the next festival begins, you will be ready to conquer the odds!

1) At Paddy Power, new clients that sign up are offered £30 in the form of free bets. If you want to redeem this offer, register for a new account, make your deposit and place an initial wager of at least £30 and the bookie will give you the free £30 in the form of free bets.


2) Ladbrokes also offers £30 amount in free bets once you create a new account and place a bet of at least £10


3) Sky Bet also have a great offer which provided their newest customers with free bets that total to a £20 amount. The initial bet that you need to place is only £5 and then you will be eligible for the £20 in the form of free bets


4) Finally, at betway, you are offered a free bet that costs up to £30 as a new customer once you create an account with them. Make an initial deposit of between £10 and a £30 after you register and the bookie is going to match your initial deposit with a free bet of up to £30 of a similar stake.


These are some amazing offers that will make you feel like a winner even before your place your first real money wager in the gambling house. But then, remember to read and understand the terms and conditions of the offer once you decide to take it. You have to ensure that you can fulfill the terms that have been stated after the bonus is offered to you. If you are unable to meet the requirements that the casino has set, the rewards of the offer will be nullified for you before you get to redeem them.

In fact, if you are a little more patient and hold your horses until January 2018 to a week before March 14th, the majority of the bookies will make their offers more lucrative for you. The free bet amounts will be increased specifically for the event and you can get better Cheltenham Festival Odds at that time. Stay alerted and when the time comes, you will be glad you waited. However, if you take your offer now you will still find some amazing special offers that the bookmakers provide for their existing customers so you might as well sign up now if you wish to. You will get lots of free bets options and some enhanced prices that have been isolated only for the most fancied horses in the Cheltenham festival!

Horse Racing Basics

The sport of racing horses has been the center of the popular sporting culture of Britain for several centuries. In fact, for lots of horse racing enthusiasts, the best way you can fully enjoy the races of the day in a horseracing event is by ‘having a flutter’. Sure enough, as a punter, you already know how much more thrilling any sport becomes when high stakes are added to it. The thrill of backing your favorite runner with some real cash in your hands and cheering it to victory is a feeling to remember.

Even before we get to the details of the Cheltenham Festival 2018, it is best to blast through the main horse racing details briefly.

Racecards: A race card is a great investment. A Cheltenham racing card for example is going to comprise of a detailed guide of all that will be going on in the event on all the days that the event lasts. In the majority of the cases, the will cost you only £3 on the day of the event and if you want to purchase them in advance, you will get them at a lower price starting from £2.5

Before the races begin: It is best to have a habit of looking at the horses while they are still in the parade ring before you place your final wager. If you have not yet made up your mind on who to back up to this time, checking them out at the parade ring might bring you some insight before you place your wager.

Ways you can bet: After you make your choice, you are now supposed to put your money where your mouth it. In other words, you should place a real money bet on the horse that you decide to back. At the Cheltenham Festival, there are three main ways in which you can place your wagers. First, you can place your wagers with the rails. Just look for the huge boards that are full of starting prices and there are some bookies who keep shouting about the variety of odds that are present there. The second option you can use for betting is the Betfred Booking Shop. This shop is basically similar to any of the wagering shops that you can find within the town centers on a regular day. The third option that you can use to place your wagers is with the totepool. If you look around at the Cheltenham Racecourse grounds, you will easily spot the tote windows. There is also tote staff that keeps roaming in the areas of hospitality. If you feel that you are stuck a bit, don’t hesitate to let them know. They can be of great help!

The Bookmakers: Unlike the other options of placing wagers, bookmakers have fixed odds. That way, you are going to know the exact amount that you might win, should the runner you are backing become victorious. When you are placing your wagers at a racing course, you will have a lot of options that you can choose from. Because there are lots of varying options for you, you need to shop around so that you can find out who has the most lucrative odds on the horse that you want to back in the race or races.

Betting Basics at The Cheltenham Festival

Most horse enthusiasts don’t realize that betting becomes different with every method that they choose, especially those who are not really gamblers per se. Well, let us look at each betting method that is available during horse races and see what is different.

If you decide that you want to place your wagers at the Betfred Booking shop, then you will have to decide whether you are going to take the odds as they are at that time or you are placing you wager or just let it roll and then take the starting price which will be on offer the moment the tapes go up. However, when you decide to place your wagers at the totepool, you will not have that option. That is mainly because the odds are going to fluctuate with respect to the amount of cash that is being stacked on the race as a whole and every single horse that is taking part in that race. Also, when you bet with the tote, you are not wagering against a bookie, the best that you are placing go into a pool and just like the lottery, the amount of money that you will win will depend on the amount of the winning tickets that have been taken in. What you do with the tote bet is that you fill in a form with the stake that you choose, pick the type of wager that you prefer then place the minimum bet to be £2 for instance. For all the wagers you place on single races, you can just call over your selection’s details at any betting position of the Totepool by stating the stake that you choose, the type of wager, the number(s) of the horse(s) the number of the race and the number of the meeting.

When it comes to the bookmakers, you will have a little edge because they usually have a higher minimum wager when compared to the Tote. Apart from that, the bookmakers also offer you with fewer types of racing odds. Sometimes, you might even be given only two choices, either ‘each-way’ or ‘to win’. Each way means that you are placing two wager, one on your favorite runner and the other on it to be placed between the first second, third or fourth horse, depending on the specific rules of the race. To win on the other hand is simple, you are betting that your horse is going to win! You should however remember that since you are placing two bets in the ‘each-way’ you have to be a little more specific. For instance, if your plan is to spend £20, the ask for £10 each way!

With all the above basics we can now comfortably get to the Cheltenham Festival.

2017 Cheltenham Festival Roundup

If you want to adequately set your head straight for the action that is coming on the Cheltenham Festival 2018, you have to get the facts for this year’s events. If you don’t, then you will end up missing out on some clear-cut pointers with will surely cost you a pretty penny!

One of the most memorable statistics in this past festival is the record-shattering number of winning bankers;

  • On The Fringe
  • Vautour, Limini
  • Douvan, Thistlecrack
  • Vroum Vroum

all became winners as short-price. These ceremoniously backed favorites were a great payoff. In addition, two of the biggest races of the week were scooped by two winning jollies namely Don Cossack and Annie Power. On the other hand, some racing giants such as Un De Sceaux, Yanworth and Min fell to their more popular market contenders; Sprinter Sacre, Yorkhill and Altior.

In short, the majority of the bookmakers had to face an excruciating bloodbath while to most of the punters it was a triumphant week unlike any other. In fact, lots of gambling gurus agree that we might never witness such numbers again! But then again, the bookies will rise from the ashes like always, the never stay down for long so we have to focus on what’s coming next so that we can find a way to beating the bookies once again. The Cheltenham Festival is going to run in march as usual and it will last for 4 days as usual; from Tuesday 14th march 2018 to Friday 17th March 2018 at the Cheltenham Racecourse, Evesham Road, Cheltenham GL50 4SH. Keep reading this brief but thorough dossier and by the time you finish, you will be ready to face the odds of next year’s festival with a shot at some big wins.

Top Tips for Punters on The Cheltenham Festival

In this section, we are going to look at a wide range of stratagem and tips with respect to the latest Cheltenham Festival Odds. From the outlook that follow from our team of horse racing experts, you will have surefire ways of making a real profit once the festival takes off. The tips are divided up into sections so that you can have an easy time to grasp them and put them into practice. We will also give you a set of exclusive tips that will take you through every single day of the event, from day one to day four. Let’s get started, shall we?


How To Obtain Greatest Value From The Festival

This section will give you information on how you can find winners that can bring some big money home. Apart from that, you will also have a clear idea on how you can take full advantage from the offers that the bookies will make available as a special for the Cheltenham Festival 2018.

  • First of all, you should never ever be put off by prices, no matter how big they are. Something that should not be forgotten is that horses can end up running below their expected ability but then they can’t run above their ability as well. Therefore, this means that if they have a single proper piece of form that is still left in them, they may have just been saved for the festival. Lots of racing bettors keep their eyes on Willie Mullins favorites for the short price and bank on them by wagering on doubles, trebles and accumulators. While that is a good strategy, all his runners have to be respected. Willie Mullins almost always lands a big price champ at the Cheltenham Festivals and this leaves lots of punters kicking themselves! Great examples are Thousand Stars (20/1), Ebaziyan (40/1), Rule Supreme (25/1) and Briar Hill (25/1). With such runners, you will almost always have a guarantee of a great result!
  • Apart from knowing your racer, the next most crucial Cheltenham Festival 2018 betting tip is who you should bet on. It is insanely perplexing how many gamblers keep their minds fixated on the runners themselves and completely forget about where they are placing their wagers. Where you place your bet might be the difference between a good win and a mind-blowing win! And again, taking advantage of the offers from different bookies can actually make a difference to whether you finish in great profits or unexpected losses. As much as you concentrate on the horses, don’t forget to consider where and how you place your wagers critically. For instance, great bookmaker offers include: a refund in case your horse falls, a free bet whenever you back a winner with over 4/1 Cheltenham Festival odds, money back in case you finish second, best odds guaranteed and enhanced odds. There is a wide range of odds that you can take full advantage of all over. Lucky for you, we have done all the heavy lifting for you to bring the best offers for you on a silver platter. Read on and you will find a super lucrative list of updated offers for the upcoming festival in 2018. Moreover, throughout the festival, we will be bringing you specific offers that are relevant to the day to day races so that you can make a much wise decision when you decide on placing a bet.
  • Waiting for the special offers that will be made available during the festival is another surefire way of finding great value in every penny you spend on the racers. If you restrain yourself enough to hold your fire until you know what the offers are, you will without a doubt make a smart decision. As already mentioned, some bookies offer to give you your real money back if your favorite choice becomes the top winner while other bookmakers do something about their odds so that you can have a chance at earning a win. This means that if you like Mins odds, make sure that you wait for the special offers because your money might be returned to you as a free bet if Min becomes the winner. Usually, bookies are always keen on getting your business on the first day of the week and they will bring highly competitive offers for you on the first race of the first day of the Cheltenham Festival 2018. At this stage they hope that when you register with them for a new account, they will keep your business for the 27 races that remain. That is why they will have such great offers especially for the very first race of that first day. In the course of this dossier, we will give you some great pointers that will help you put your money where your mouth is!

As you can see, when you put the above tips into practice, there is no way you will end up losing too much money. The above tips give you a better perspective and at the end of the 4-day festival, you will have had your best week ever. Currently we carried out some exhaustive research and compiled a list of bookmakers who already have some great offers for you with great money making opportunities. Here are some fine ante-post odds that lead up to the big festival in some of the biggest betting houses online, if you like them, just create your account with the bookmaker and you will be able to claim the offers right away.

Taking Advantage of the Form and Trainer Stats

The other things that will get you the best value for your money are the Form and trainer stats. Fortunately for you, we have done all the hunting and studying there is to do for you so that you will not have to go through all that. We have compiled all their tips and comments for you about the chances of particular horses. That way, we are able to give you updates tips and point you in the right direction as to where you can place your bets at and the horses that will earn you some luck come 2018. Better yet, you can still study these tips for yourself so that can have even more detail and be a better horse racing punter.

Here are the key factors that will give you an upper hand for the Cheltenham Festival 2018 from the form and trainer stats:

  1. Results of the trial days also often offer great and accurate insight on how the horses will perform. Usually, the trials of the big days, usually take place in January. The winners of these trials often have exemplary performance during the festival itself. A great example was back in 2015, the first and the third runners in the Timeform Novices Handicap reversed their positions in the official event Novices Handicap race. In addition, back in 2009, the second placed runner in the trials became the champion during the same years, Cheltenham Festival. Clearly, the trials are a general premonition of what will come in the official event. Thus, stay focused and when January comes, check out the trials and mark the best performing runners.
  2. Odds of the past winners of the festival are also a great way that can direct you on where you should put your money. A lot of people usually wonder whether the past odds of some runners can help you determine performers. Maybe, the main point to consider from the starting price of past winners is that some races are more difficult to predict than others and this could be making the markets more reliable. As much as you pay attention to previous market odds, you must also be ready for some surprises. This is a place where tables can be turned when you least expect. For instance, from 2015 going all the way back to 2004, the SP (Starting Price) of the winning racers of the Arkle Chase were placed at 33/1, 8/15f, 8/11f, 6/1, 6/1, 8/1, 6/1, 7/2, 15/2 and 7/1. In nine of the ten occasions, the Arkle Chase winners were priced at a maximum of 8/1, five of them were below 6/1 and finally only 2 Cheltenham Festival odds were the winners. This means that the Arkle Chase has consistently been favorable for those who put their money on the market leaders. The only shock was in 2015 which was 33/1. This was a bummer for bettors and a big win for the bookies instead!

Another excellent way of staying vigilant for the upcoming festival in 2018 is staying updated with the stats of the trainers. You should look for some specific trainers who have consistently proved that they are good at getting the runners into the best shape for the festival. Cheltenham Racecourse produces a document that has all the useful details you could need about the jockey and trainer stats. All the top trainers are well highlighted and the total number of wins that they have achieved in the festival have also been indicated.Below is a list of the best trainers who have achieved at least ten festival wins from their runners, in ascending order:

  • David Pipe – 14
  • Alan King – 15
  • Nigel Twiston-Davies – 17
  • Edward Ogrady – 18
  • Philip Hobbs – 18
  • Jonjo ONeill – 26
  • Paul Nicholls – 40
  • Willie Mullins – 48
  • Nicky Henderson – 55

If you want more details on the trainer statistics, just read the full document of the Cheltenham trainer stats. From that document you will find out your best options. From the top ten picks on the above list, clearly, if you choose a runner trained by Willie Mullins, Paul Nichols or Nicky Henderson, there is a high possibility that you are in for a big win!

  1. Apart from checking the trainer statistics, you also have to check out the jockey and trainer stats by race. This is another crucial factor to be considered if you seriously want to be on the winning side throughout the festival. Horse racing betting needs a lot of facts if you want to win, enthusiasm just isn’t good enough. Start with trainer and jockey statistics and get rid of all the trainers who haven’t had a top five place or a win in the Cheltenham races within the past five years. This will dramatically cut down the fields and you will have a much easier and more pleasant opportunity to work your way through the Cheltenham trainer statistics document.
  2. There are no race courses that provide challenges that are identical to the ones that are put into practice at Cheltenham. This makes it rather difficult to tell how the runners will perform at the festival. In most cases, looking at the previous Festival forms can help but when it comes to Irish runners, the majority of them haven’t had a go at the Cheltenham racecourse. The question then becomes; how can you predict the performance of the runners in such cases? Well, if you want to bet on the Irish runners, look at the ones that have run well or won at Navan. The terrain at Navan hill is almost similar to the one at Cheltenham. Therefore, if your favorite runner is Irish, you can still have an idea of the performance to expect if you put this tip into consideration!

How You Can Enjoy the Cheltenham Festival To The Fullest

This might sound like an unusual tip for avid punters but if you ask the true horse racing enthusiast, they will agree that you have to enjoy the event whether you win or lose. Whilst you a huge chunk of the festival is literally about winning some money you should never forget that you are also there for the thrill and adventure. Once you understand that, you will be in a better position both as a punter and as a horse racing enthusiast. We always advise all betters not to wager more than they can afford to lose. That way even if you are unlucky enough to end up losing, you still walk away satisfied with the choices that you made.

Here are a few ways in which you can bet effectively on your favorite runners for the event and still enjoy the 2018 festival:

  1. Place some of your Cheltenham 2018 wagers ante post. This is one of the easiest ways that can help you to focus on enjoying the event as a whole. A significant number of those who walk away as winners of the event usually place their bets for the festival up to a year ahead. From there, the thrill of backing a favorite at long Cheltenham Festival odds get bigger and bigger. This is because the odds start at much shorter odds. As a smart bettor, you can try as much as you can to have about 3 bets daily done and dusted before the actual week of the main Festival. Without doing this, it could be impossible for you to study 6 or 7 races every day to the extent that you would like to. Therefore, you can start by placing your wagers ante-post from the beginning of the season, on a few horses in every race. You can do this in the top class races and if they make it on the day, you will have narrowed down your decisions.


  2. Taking some time off to exclusively enjoy the Festival is another surefire way of having a great time watching the runners. You can organize yourself so that by March 13th, you are able to take a week off work. Before the racing begins, you can make sure that you are done with the majority of your bets or you are at least decided on the runners you are going to back.
  3.  Nothing can be compared to the thrill of live action! If you are a great lover of horse racing and you have never been to the Cheltenham Festival, you need to try it in the 2018 event. Sure, watching from home with the family or in a pub while having some drinks with the gang is great. But then, being there to watch the action live is way more thrilling and you can cheer on your favorite runners from your seat at the course.
  4. Anyone who has participated in placing wagers for this big festival will agree that you should never get carried away with Cheltenham on the first day of the races. There is a lot of excitement that surrounds the event, particularly on the first day. You just have to remember that the event actually lasts for four days. Thus, you must be calm and focused enough to avoid the rush that comes with Day 1. You need to keep your bankroll in check and ensure that it will be enough for the next three days. Don’t get too carried away in your search for winning runners when the event begins. The general rule for the best punters at the Cheltenham Festival is; ‘it’s a marathon and not a sprint!’
  5. To get pumped up with some winning adrenalin before the beginning of the event, you can start by finding competitions that can land you on free Cheltenham racing tickets. If you are lucky enough to win you some tickets, then it will set the mood for you since it will be your first win!


Cheltenham Festival Odds and Multiple Betting

In the majority of Horse racing betting events, you will be advised to bet on singles, which usually pays out most of the time. But then, when it comes to this big event, a change of strategy is needed. A lot of punters have actually attested to the fact that multiples have earned them a much better payout. Well, the reason is simple; the odds are usually more competitive when compared to other events. Furthermore, there will also be some great offers in 2018 which will have enhanced prices that are going to give you better value for your money, as we have already established.

Here are some few pointers on how you can take use multiple betting to drive winnings your way during the 2018 event:

  • When you look at the racers in a more practical sense, you will realize that there is no such thing as a banker! But then again, in the Cheltenham Festival lots of smart bettors have the tendency of combining short price favorite racers in doubles, trebles and even accumulators. This is a smart strategy because it is a way in which you can have an edge in races that have your short price favorites especially if you do not want to oppose them or back them in single wagers.
  • You can also use betting calculators which have in a lot of instances helped punters in setting their multiple bets. The betting calculators are great tools for analyzing how the Festival odds can work in your favor. Just make sure that you use reliable calculators, doing a little research on the calculators will help you determine the tool that will work out best for you.

How To Beat The Bookies in the Festival

We have already discussed the great offers that the bookmakers have set aside exclusively for the Cheltenham Festival. After you sign up for your account with any of the options we have given you, that is not all. After taking advantage of those lucrative offers, there are some more offers and types of bets that you should take so that you can have a better result whenever you place your wagers.

Here are a few tips that are going to simplify your quest:

  1. Back Non-Runner No Bets: Since there are lots of horses that enter in the many races that are available in the festival, you might end up losing your bet in case your runners fail to run in the race that you thought they would. Some bookies will offer the non-runner no bet option. In simplified terms, the house is going to refund you your wager in case your horse fails to run. What’s even better about this offer is that the reason why your horse doesn’t run will not matter; whether it’s because your runner is in a different race or succumbed to an injury in the course of another race. As always, you have to keep tabs on the bookies that have the option and when the option is valid for the bookmaker. In most cases, the online gambling sites begin this rule at different times while other bookies prefer starting it with only a few selected races first.
  2. Use the best-guaranteed odds and not the starting price: There is actually no need for you to place your wagers at the starting price. In most cases, you will be able to have much better odds on your selection by placing your wager earlier on in the day. As long as you are placing your bets with a bookie that offers the best odds on the races, then you will definitely not be worse off. In the majority of the cases, the biggest bookies in the industry are the ones that provide you with the most value in the morning online or in-shop as they all do their best to win your business. Day in day out, the bookmakers will launch some special money-back offers and best guarantees for their prices. The key concession in this case is the best price guaranteed and come 2018, almost all the bookmakers will offer it. In case it happens to drift on the track you definitely receive a bigger payout!
  3. On the day of the races: You should also take advantage of the early prices being offered by the bookies. In most cases, the prices turn out to be a little shorter during the day. We have already seen why it is critical to select a bookmaker that will offer you the best odds guaranteed. So, apart from that you are supposed to try getting out of bed early enough so that you can have a few minutes to shop around for the most lucrative odds before they end up vanishing as the day ages. Ensure that you are up and ready with the final selection lists as soon as the online betting is opened to get the best prices before they are slashed significantly.
  4. Without a doubt: You will not be able to take advantage of all the offered mentioned all over this dossier if you do not have a gambling account. One of the best ways for you to dive into all these offers is by creating an account with all the major bookies. That is the surest way for you to catch all the finest offers. The Cheltenham Festival week is one of the most significant weeks in the online betting industry. The best bookies will be flooded with amazing offers for current members and sign up bonuses and discounts for welcoming newbies will be bigger than any other time of the year!


Cheltenham 2018 Daily Races Breakdown

As we all already know, there are 28 top-class horse races that have been spread out within a period of four days, meaning that you are in for some non-stop enthralling action. Every day has different races and this means as a punter who wants to walk away with great payouts, every single day has to be approached with a different strategy. As we have already discussed, do not focus all your efforts on that first day alone, you have to evenly distribute your focus and your money as well so that you can get the most out of every single day of the Festival. Here is a day by day analysis of the races together with a few day specific tips that will shift the Cheltenham Festival odds to your side.

Cheltenham Festival Day 1 Tips

The first day of the festival which is also popularly referred to as Champions Day will take place on the 14th of March 2018. To the majority of the punters, it is the week’s favorite day because it sets the pace for all the other days!

The raging fire of speed and resilience of the Festival is started by the super exciting Supreme Novices Hurdle. This race is quite significant mainly because, hopefully, the champion of this race will get a chance to compete at the subsequent festival in the years to come. Take a look at the horse racing today favorites such as Voutour and Douvan, they won their Supreme Novices Hurdle races before going ahead to win races in the Festival of the year that followed! The second race of the first day will be the Arkle Chase which is an equally thrilling race. Sprinter Sacre is a past winner of this race who later on went and became triumphant in the Champion Chase in that very year. The third race of the day will be The Ultima Business Solutions Handicap which is a big field handicap race. This is one of the races in the festival where you need professional tipster help that we have provided in this dossier. And there is more to come! You should also not forget that you have to keep up with the odds and the races as well because you might just end up discovering a runner that is well at the weights!

In each day of the Cheltenham horse races, the fourth race is usually the feature race. For this first day of the event, the Champion Hurdle will be the feature race. Last year, the speed monster Annie Power returned to triumph over its counterparts in the Champion Hurdle, one year after falling at the last fence during the OLBG Mares Hurdle the traditional fifth competition of the first day. When Annie Power didn’t compete in the previous year, the replacement to its position was Vroum Vroum mag in the OLBG Mares Hurdle which has been dominated by Mullins for the past 8 years!

Race number six of the first day is a highly competitive 4-miles long chase for amateur riders, the National Hunt Challenge Cup. The question that bugs gamblers a lot with this race is whether to back the best jockey in the race or the best horse. Several amateur jockeys have been winners in this race such as Jamie Codd, Katy Walsh, Derek O’Connor and Patrick, Willie’s son. Towards the end of the day, the first day of the festival is wrapped up with the Close Brothers Novices chase which is another chance of the day where you can pick a big priced runner. This race tends to be packed with unexposed runners so you have to be careful with the horse that you decide to back.

For this first day, here are a few tips that can get you going and perhaps get you some big wins that will psyche you up for the 3 days that are still to come:

  1. After what we have observed in the past few years, a lot of bettors will be swayed to combine the runners of Willie Mullins in doubles, trebles and accumulators on this first day. It is safe to say that this strategy has a high success rate because lots of punters have been earning some lump sums in the past few Cheltenham Festival by applying this strategy.
  2. Since we still don’t have the knowledge of the horsed that Ruby Walsh is going to ride, our prediction remains limited at the time. However, a lot of bettors refer to the first day of the festival as Ruby Tuesday because Ruby Walsh has a great track record of riding a lot of winning runners on this Champion’s Day. Thus, backing whichever horse he will be riding on seems like a choice that is likely to give you a smile after the end of day 1.

Beginning your festival with some wins can make all the difference for you by determining whether you are going to finish the entire festival in notable profits or not. But then again, as we have already indicated at the beginning, try to have some fun and enjoy this festival on the first day. This day holds a lovely mix of having a look at the future stars of Cheltenham races through the Arkle and Supreme Novices races. Apart from that you also get to see the action from runners that have already established their reputation in the sport in the OLBG and the Champion Hurdle as well as 2 handicaps that bring forth some golden opportunities of walking away with huge prices.

Cheltenham Festival Day 2 Tips


The second day of the Festival will be on 15th of March 2018, on a Wednesday. Day 2 of the festival is also referred to as the Ladies Day. Apart from the racing of the runners, there is the Lady competition for the best-dressed lady, one of the biggest attractions of the day away from the racing. There is more than £10k worth of prizes up for grabs! The gates of the races are opened at 1030 hrs; the first race takes off at 1330 hrs while the final race will begin at 1530 hrs.

After the excitement of the first day fades off a little, it is sparked up again by Day 2’s races. The beginning of the second day’s races is marked by the Neptune Novices hurdle which is more of a hunt for the future star but it has a stronger stamina in a way, when compared to the novice races of the first day of the Festival. Faugheen became the winner in this race back in 2014 before becoming the victor of the Champion Hurdle the year that followed in 2015. This is just an indicator that this race is in no way inferior or less prominent than the first day’s Supreme Novices race.
The motif of the second day being a longer assessment for the Novice chasers as compared with the first day’s second race continues. The second race of day 2 is the RSA chase, a race for novices as well. It is a 3-mile-long race which proves to be a true stamina tester in the Old Course. Future champions of staying chases such as Denman and Bobs Worth began their streak of victories by first winning this race.

Race number 3 in the Festival’s second day is The Coral Cup, an exciting handicap hurdle race where the opinion of bookies and punters alike will be spread across a lot of runners. With the expert horse racing tips that we have provided here, your chances of getting lucky will increase significantly in this race. As expected, the 4th race on each day of the Festival is the feature race of the day. On the Ladies Day, the Queen Mother Champion Chase is the feature race. It is an enthralling feature which comprises of the fastest sprint chasers throughout the national hunt racing. This is one of the races where you will find yourself holding your breath at each fence. If you are a horse racing enthusiast and not just an avid punter, you will have a memorable moment, if you catch this race live at the Cheltenham course.

The fifth race of Ladies day is also enjoyed by lots of spectators especially those who are lucky enough to get the tickets of the Cheltenham racing. If you get there in time, you should make an effort to cross the racecourse to the center so that you can catch the action in an up-close view the race from there. The Cheltenham Cross Country is quite exciting because the age of the runners does not really matter at this point. It is more of a slow and steady race that pushes the strength and resilience of the runners to the very edge! The fifth race also brings in an opportunity for you to back a winner that can land you a huge payout. In the recent past the winners were 40/1, 25/1, 33/1 and 25/1. By careful analysis of these races, you will have an opportunity to narrow down on the field and the trainers who have a knack for this kind of race. Here the Cheltenham Racecourse document will be of great help!

The Champion Bumper race is the one that wraps up the second day of the festival. It is basically a National Hunt race that has jumps in the racing track. It is yet another race that has managed to produce lots of future winners at the Cheltenham Festival. In the recent past, Willie Mullins has occasionally had several runners in the race but it has proven not to be his strongest suit in the what competition. The races have not turned out to be his most fancied wins over the years. However, Cousin Vinny, Champagne Fever and Briar Hill have returned great Cheltenham Festival Odds at 2/1, 16/1 and 25/1 respectively.

With the tips and guidelines offered at the beginning of this text, you are surely going to have a successful second day and an enjoyable one as well!


Cheltenham Festival Day 3 Tips


In the upcoming Cheltenham Festival 2018, the third day will fall on Thursday 16th of March. The third day is also referred St Patrick’s Thursday. However, the actual St Patrick’s day in 2018 will be the following day on Friday the 17th of March. The first day of Cheltenham Festival, the Champions Day, majorly focuses on sprint horse racing. The third day on the other hand brings focus to middle distance racing unlike the last cross country race that takes place on the second day. The races on St Patrick’s Thursday are usually about 2.5 miles long.

The JLT Novices Chase starts up day three and one interesting thing to note is that the horses that take part in this race are not fast enough for the Arkle Chase race on the first day but are still not slow enough for the RSA chase on the second day. With the document from the racecourse combined with the tips and suggestions that are analyzed all over this text, you will be able to find the horses that are best suited for this race in the upcoming event. When it comes to the Pertemps Network Final, the second race of day three, it’s all about staying handicap hurdlers. It is a finale of a series of races that have been spread out through the calendar of the national hunt. In this race, the runners are required to meet the qualifying conditions to take part in the race. But the, there is an unusual catch, the runners aren’t supposed to run so well that they surpass some specific handicap marks. This is one of the most difficult races in the competition to find a winner. In the last decade, there has only been one winning favorite!

Getting straight to the mid-distance competition, the third race of the 3rd day is the Ryanair Chase. This is quite similar to the first race of this day. It is for the runners that are probably not fast enough to compete in the Champion Chase of day one and without the resilience that can enable them to endure in the much harsher Gold Cup. Conditions on the ground usually influence the connections choice of race and maybe even with a soft going because of some drop down from the distance of the Gold Cup. The World hurdle is the fourth race of the third day and it is only meant for the true staying hurdlers in the horse racing sport. This is another thrilling race which can be a lot more fun if you get a chance to view it from the racecourse itself.

After the fourth race of day three, the action is taken back to the mid-distance races that are 2.5 miles long. This race is referred to as the Festival Plate or by its much longer term, The Brown Advisory & Merriebelle Stable Plate. In the recent years, the winners of this race have been priced at 25/1, 66/1, 33/1 and 50/1. Clearly, it is not a race that can be called easily. You need to have a few tricks up your sleeve and if you combine them with the tips you will find here, then you can be lucky enough to walk away with a tangible payout. However, you should keep in mind that Venetia Williams, a top-class trainer for the national hunt has won the Festival Plate three times in the past decade even though she has not had that many wins at the Cheltenham Festival. Watch out for her in the upcoming Cheltenham Festival 2018.

The final race of St Patrick’s Thursday is the Mares Novice Hurdle. There is a high probability for runners from this race to be featured in the subsequent OLBG Mares Hurdle on the first day of the festival. Wrapping up the third day is the Fulke Walwyn Kim Muir, another handicap chase. The runners that participate in this race must be rated below the threshold of 145. There is usually very little difference in the weights that are carried particularly since there are so many entries.

As a punter looking to gain some real money, in this race, you are supposed to look for any horse trainer who has successfully managed to get a runner in the race that has the potential to be running races of a much higher grade in the future. With this kind of pointer, you will have higher chances of success with the runner you are going to back after putting that into consideration.


Cheltenham Festival Day 4 Tips


The fourth and final day of the festival also known as the Gold Cup day will be on the 17th of March 2018. This last day of the festival is usually marked with high tension and excitement because all punters want to complete the event in a glorious mood of winning especially if the first three days were not as lucky as they were hoped for.

The Triumph Hurdle marks the start of the final day races. It is a race that is participated by 4-year-old novices over a distance of 2 miles in the New course. The first three winners in last year’s race were trained by Nicky Henderson and the runners trained by him also won this race in 2009 and 2010. The other trainer who has had success with this race is Paul Nicholls. He has had two recent winning runners as well. The second race presents another crack at finding the winner of big Cheltenham Festival Odds. It is known as the Vincent O’brien County Hurdle which is normally a very fast paced race that makes day 4 an even more exciting day for the punters. You could easily assume that this race contains lots of different trainers but surprisingly, that isn’t the case. The UK and Irish champion trainers Nichols and Mullins are the ones that have a great record in this particular race. Thus, if you want to wager on this race, then you should look for these two trainers and without a doubt, you will have an upper hand.

The third race of the final day is the Albert Bartlett Novices Hurdle. It is yet another tough test for resilience and stamina for the much younger horses over a distance of 3 miles. The horses that are still in the novice category for about seven or eight years had a great record even in the Martello Tower and Unowatimeen Harry competitions last year. The age of the horses is definitely something you should look out for especially when they don’t make up the majority of runners in the race.

The Gold Cup, which is the fourth race of the final day is also the most anticipated race of the entire Cheltenham Festival. It marks the eventual highlight of the event and it is the even that has the dream price for all the jockeys, trainers and owners. So far, this is the price that has consistently been quite elusive to Willie Mullins. To counter his streak of bad luck in the Gold Cup prize, he lacks lots of entries for the upcoming event at Cheltenham Festival 2018. The main questions associated with this race for the upcoming festival is Which of his horses are most likely to win the event? Or perhaps, should we bet against all of them in our wagers? The questions that the tips provided here in detail will all answer.

The fifth race of the final day is the Foxhunter Chase, which is another race that has always been difficult to predict and wager on as well. Moreover, the next two races which wrap up the whole festival are not also that easy to wrap up. They are two handicap races namely; Martin Pipe Conditionals Hurdle and Grand Annual Chase. David Pipe has ironically failed again and again to win the race that has been named after his esteemed father.

With this roundup of every single day of the Cheltenham festival, we surely hope that you are going to have great luck with the tips that we have offered through the sections.

More Horse Racing Tips for Cheltenham 2018


As any professional punter will tell you, you can never have too many tips for any sports betting competitions. To that effect, apart from the above tips, we still have a few more specific tips that can help you streamline your decision-making process so that you can make a more stable bet. In this section, we are going to have a detailed look at the stars of the 2017 festival that are worth backing come 2018. With the tips that follow, you will know whether your favorite runner has a chance or will let you down if you put your money on them come March 2018.

Here they are:

  1. Ignore the Champion’s Hurdle supreme winner:
    The Champion Hurdle which is the feature race of the first day of the Festival is one of the day one determinants. Altior was arguably among the most impressive runners of 2017 who were able to grab a win. In the upcoming 2018 Champion Hurdle, the runner is back with Cheltenham Festival odds of 8.80 or rather 8/1 at one of the biggest bookies available. But then, if you give it a closer look, that price is not worth swerving for at the moment. In the recent years, the Supreme Novices Hurdle hasn’t been a promising breeding ground for future winners in hurdle championships. In fact, in the past century, only a single winner has had a close consecutive success with the Champion Hurdle. Brave Inca was the winner in 2004 and the only one who came back to taste sweet victory again in the race in 2006 again.Furthermore, the most recent winners of the Supreme Novices Hurdle such as Douvan, Vautour, Champagne Fever and Al Feof campaigned as chaser runners in the season that followed after they won. Without a doubt, Faugheen will also be taken through this path when he makes a comeback after sustaining the injury setback. He will be campaigned down in this hurdles race.If you sit down for a moment and think about it, the better indicator of how bright or dark the future is in the hurdles raced is the Neptune Novices Hurdle. The two-mile stars of this novice race have scooped major glories in the past. For example, the two-time winner of the Champion Hurdle; Hardy Eustace and three-time winner of the Champion Hurdle Istabraq all started as two-mile star hurdlers. And let us not forget about Faugheen, a regular contender in the Champion Hurdle race. Yorkhill, the Neptune Novices Hurdle winner of the 2017 Festival is available for backing at odds of 11.00 or 11/1 for 2018’s Champion hurdle. Currently, this is the most sensible choice to back!


  • The Mullins Super Mares:Without any particular intentions, we have already alluded a couple of times how strong a hand Mullin will most probably hold in the opening day feature of Cheltenham 2018, the Champion Hurdle. But then Annie Power, the reigning champion still has a chance to take the trophy for the feature race of day 1. At this moment, you can back her at odds of 8.00(7/1)
    Again, still on Mullin’s super mares, there are several options that you can back. However, at the time, Vruom Vroum Mag, the amazing Hurdle champion is still not listed among any of the ante-post Cheltenham 2018 markets and there is a good reason for that. Is she going to be allowed to defend her title? Or will Limini, the exciting prospect be aimed at taking over Vroum Vroum? We have to wait just a little longer for that so that we can have the ability to make a better decision.
  • The World Hurdle:
    Thistlecrack the superb champion of the World Hurdle race has odds of 3/1 (4.00) back to back just like it has been for a lot other winners of this particular race. At this juncture, that is definitely a no bet even if he has been the best-staying hurdler so far and by a substantial distance. However, you can still back him with Cheltenham Festival odds of 12.0 (11/1) for the Novice Chase campaign, together with the Gold Cup.
  • A few open options:
    For the second successive Cheltenham Festival, and arguably, some may even call it the third, Vautour was for a lot of punters, jockeys and trainers the most impressive winners for the week of the previous Festival. After being transferred to the Ryanair Chase from the Gold Cup, the 7-year-old runner jumped exceptionally well to blitz past all his counterparts. If he was certainly going to be competing in the Gold Cup of the Cheltenham Festival 2018, then we would wager for him with odds of 8/1(9.00). However, the main problem comes when you realize that even though Vautour is good enough to be the champion of any race that he may take part in, whether it’s over fences or over the hurdles, it will only take a single injury to have a great impact on his performance in the festival. And this also applies to all the other stable stars of Mullin’s.
    On the other hand, Don Cossack was pretty much the best runner in the Gold Cup of the final day in the last Festival but powerfully and relentlessly denying Djakadam the opportunity to get past him. Djakadam became the runner-up for the second consecutive season at the end of it all. We expect Don Cossack to be back in 2018 to defend his title and at the moment his odds are at 13/2 (7.60)
  • Do not be tempted to back a sensational Sprinter for a second win in a row:
    If you have ever backed a superb sprinter you should be smart enough not to bet on the sprinter for two consecutive wins. The win of Sprinter Sacre in the Queen Mother Champion chase was overwhelmingly sensational but after that, Nicky Henderson had better announce his retirement there and then. If you have been following Sprinter Sacre closely you must already have noticed that his health has been quite difficult despite his flourishing career. Despite the fact that tests from the vet indicate that he is doing quite well, there is nothing else for him to prove. He is not getting any younger and sure enough, his speed is not getting any better.
    Early quotes for him in the bookies indicate that he has an 8/1 (9.00) winning probability in the Champion Chase come 2018 but then, do not be blinded by that. You would be putting your money on this fact if you decide to back him; He will be the second eleven-year-old runner to become the winner of this prestigious horse racing competition.


If you comb out all the details that have been discussed here, when the Cheltenham Festival finally starts, you will have made all the right decisions. When it comes to the races, you might just find yourself having the luckiest week ever with win after win on the horses that you put your money on. Remember to stay updated with all the runner and trainer start on the go so that you can make appropriate decisions in case anything changes before the event starts. Happy betting!